In the Mean Time and Tween Time

Watching a young person grow up can be the most amazing thing in the world.  Especially if it’s a sibling.  One day your little sister is all pigtails and ponytails, skating around the neighborhood, attending sleepovers with her Girl Scout friends and playing the tree in the Christmas play.  The next thing you know, she’s following you around asking to borrow your clothes and make up.  When she’s ready to transition to the tween years, shopping Groupon for Hot Topics is the first thing you should teach her.  You know she’ll find styles that are age appropriate, with just enough edge to make her feel the individuality she wants to express.  And she won’t have to spend all of her allowance to put together a hot look for the parties on the weekend that will bring her some of the attention from the fellas she’s starting to crave.  The kind that has dad losing sleep at night.  But, he needn’t worry.  Not only is she still his little girl, she’s becoming a savvy shopper, because the next thing you’ll teach her is to search Groupon and never pay full price when there are great deals just waiting to be used online.

That’s because she can use a Groupon code to save as much as 40{e469713ac64c259aefc7899cc4f8d40fd93bdb6d9baed5dffce4c5c58f59a4e0} off select Hot Topics merchandise and more by signing up for text and email alerts.  They have the hottest looks for the season, band merch, plus sizes clothing and lots of looks for the upcoming holiday season.  Growing up means putting together a look that she’ll feel comfortable with, and nothing is more fun than shopping Hot Topics for the looks teens love.  The keep it real, and really simple by stocking tees, tops and jeans, cold weather apparel that’s right for the long nights ahead, and lots of collectibles to mark this new period in her life. And don’t be surprised if she catches the of her first crush while shopping there cause they have lots of looks the guys like too.

Not only does Hot Topics have the latest in apparel and accessories for guys and gals, they have a large selection of music, including the latest CD’s and some old school vinyl records.  You can help your sister update her look and explain about how to act around boys.  But she’ll have to go ask dad about the vinyl.

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