Decorate Your Concrete: Easy and Simple DIY Ideas

You can enhance your home’s existing concrete surfaces exploitation acid stains, water primarily based stains, epoxy paints, and evaluation techniques. If you’re uninterested in observing uninteresting grey concrete, there area unit some fairly simple comes for the intense do-it-yourselfer to grant your concrete a refreshing style. Or maybe you intend to own some new concrete put in however you don’t need plain grey concrete. ornamental concrete work prices double to triple that of normal concrete and plenty of individuals merely can’t afford it. There area unit cheap ways in which to embellish concrete once it’s cured while not having to pay competent tradesmen.

Acid primarily based concrete stains are getting additional and additional common for coloring concrete surfaces. They with chemicals react with the building material material to supply permanent color with varied or patterned look like that of marble. This ends up in a natural, elegant trying surface. Acid stains area unit accessible in 8-10 totally different colours, principally brown, green, and ruby earth tones. the price is often $60-$70 per gallon that covers 300-400 sq. feet. A coat of clear concrete sealer once you’re finished very brings out the colours and sweetness of acid stains.

Water primarily based concrete stains area unit an alternate to acid stains and area unit way more user friendly as a result of they’re abundant less deadly. These stains don’t with chemicals react with the concrete; they’re absorbed into the surface pores and act sort of a dye. the large advantage of water primarily based stains is that the big selection of colours accessible. you’ll notice almost about any color the spectrum and make a additional vivacious and consistent look. They conjointly unremarkably price regarding $60-$70 per gallon that covers 300-400 sq. feet.

If you would like to venture on the far side the essential staining of concrete, think about employing some evaluation techniques to form patterns on the surface. you’ll create your concrete appear as if a tile floor as an example. It’s up to your imagination. AN angle grinder with a four in. grinding or cutting wheel is that the ideal tool for this. The necessary issue to recollect once evaluation is to draw the pattern on the concrete 1st and confirm you’re glad with the means it’s as a result of evaluation is irreversible. the majority don’t own AN angle grinder however you’ll rent one at nearly any tool rental look.

Epoxy paints create a wonderful coating for garage floors and basement floors. several industrial floors have epoxy coatings owing to their sturdiness and resistance to chemical spills yet as their look. In recent years, however, it’s become highly regarded for residential use with AN increasing availableness of various colours. this is often not a tough project, however the key to sure-fire application is surface preparation. Epoxy paints have conjointly become accessible during a water primarily based type creating it safe for the do-it-yourselfer and ideal for indoor applications. They price a touch quite stains. For a four hundred square measure garage, you’ll pay regarding $200 for the materials required for this project.

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