4 Best Car Manufacturers

Every good car begins on the floor of a factory, and although most of these factories used to hail from the United States, quality automobiles are now made in every corner of the world. But which ones are the best? A quality car begins with a quality manufacturing process, one that combines top of the line materials with an impeccable level of detail and style. The following car manufacturers are those who go above and beyond the standard. They are consistently rated in the top of consumer reports, and they have shown customers year after year that they are capable of making a reliable product.


Established in Japan in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, Toyota has quickly become one of the most popular and recognizable brands of car in the world. Known for making cars that are both efficient yet economical, Toyota has all but dominated the market for commuter cars. They are also pioneers in the movement to make cars run on greener technology. Its Prius line of hybrid cars, many earning over 40 mpg highway ratings, demonstrate a dedication to craftsmanship and environmental innovation. 


Also hailing from Japan, the Honda motor company has been providing stellar vehicles with solid manufacturing since it began in 1959. It’s quality, innovation and reliability have made it one of the most coveted auto brands throughout the world. Its economy models such as the Accord can be seen commonly anywhere you should go, and its higher end models push the limits of auto technology. What’s more, Honda puts an overwhelming emphasis on research and development and innovation. They are not content to simply make good cars; rather, they strive for greatness. 


Encompassing Infinity and Datsun, in addition to its namesake brand, Nissan Motor Corporation is committed to the manufacturing of automotive products that exceed expectations. While this entry may come as a surprise to some, anyone who has ever owned a Nissan can attest to the craftsmanship evident in every single one of their vehicles. In all likelihood, they are still driving it. Nissan vehicles are built to last, and last they do. Since it began in Japan in 1933, Nissan has now spread to over 20 countries throughout the world. With highly popular models such as the Titan, Versa, Sentra, and Altima, it is easy to see how this company has become synonymous with quality. 


As the lone “high end” entry on this list, Audi and Lamborghini brands have become some of the most successful manufacturers of fine automobiles in the world. At its core, Audi is committed to performance, creating vehicles that are sporty, sophisticated, and, most importantly, progressive. Ever since its beginning in Germany in 1910, Audi has proven that it has the technological know how and drive to create cars that exceed expectations. The fine auto makers at Audi are not merely builders or thinkers; rather they are innovators, creating vehicles that defy the limits of auto manufacturing and looking sleek and sexy all the while.

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